Pushcart Prize ~ Best Of The Small Press Series

  • Lorna Dee Cervantes, Shelling The Pecans, published in OCHO #6 (MiPOesias Print Companion) was selected by Pushcart Editors for the 2008 anthology (November 2007).

Best American Poetry

  • Terrance Hayes, I JUST WANT TO LOOK, selected by Amy Gerstler Best American Poetry 2010
  • Debbie Yee,  (OCHOCinderella’s Last Will and Testament, selected by David Waggoner for Best American Poetry 2009.
  • Reb Livingston, That’s Not Butter, selected by Billy Collins for Best American Poetry 2006.
  • Nin Andrews, The Art of Drinking Tea, selected by Denise Duhamel for Best American Poetry 2013
  • Gary Lilley, Sermon of the Dreadnaught, selected by Terrance Hayes for Best American Poetry 2014

American Life in Poetry (Ted Kooser)

Best Gay Poetry 2008

  • Richard Johns
  • Miguel Murphy
  • Jason Schneiderman
  • C. Dale Young

Verse Daily

Villanelles  Everyman’s Library, Pocket Poets series.  Ed. Annie Finch & Marie-Elizabeth Mali

  • Matthew Hittinger
    The Astronomer on Misnomers

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