Magzter, Apple Newsstand, iBooks, Magcloud, Blurb, Amazon, Arroz con Mango….

This post is about how to read and access the latest issue of MiPOesias.

First, the best place to be on top of the latest issues and news is right here on this web site. Bookmark or follow us.

If you are reading this post from the web site and not from an rss reader, then look to the left and right or scroll to the bottom if you are on a device such as a tablet or phone. You will see links to the Apple Newsstand, iBooks, Magcloud and Blurb posted all over the front page. Select the one which best suits your purposes.

First is First and so on….

1- Sign up at for a free account. Click on the top right corner where you see Welcome Guest.
2- Here is the link to GOSS183 publications on Magzter:
3- From there you may subscribe or buy single issues and view online.

If you are using an iPad or iPhone follow this link to get the app for MiPOesias.
Before you download the app, it is convenient to have already signed up for an account with Magzter so that you may access your subscriptions on your app. The app offers the option to purchase individual issues or subscriptions.

Some of the Magzter editions include audio and video. It is still somewhat clumsy to access the interactive elements on Magzter so if you have a Mac or iPad, then iBooks may be a better solution for you. Not all issues are available in the Apple iBookstore. Open up iBooks in your iPad or Mac and search for MiPOesias and all the titles available should show up.

What about print?

Some of the titles are available through Amazon but you will see less and less of this as we push along to have the publications available in digital format. Eventually digital will be exclusively the way to read MiPOesias.

Although we are still printing, we are using it mostly for archival purposes. One of the print-on-demand sites we use is Magcloud. You may also buy a PDF from there. Follow this link:

Another site we use is Blurb. We use Blurb more for our other publication’s sake than for MiPOesias because the printing options for glossy magazines so far is the best I have found. Here is the link:

What is an arroz con mango?

An arroz con mango is a saying I heard when growing up Cuban in the USA. It is a juxtapose of two foods which normally you would not eat on one plate. It was used in conversation when our family or someone we knew was in a pickle. If you find yourself scratching your head after reading this post, you may have found an arroz con mango. It is easier to make your way out of an arroz con mango if you take it one step at a time.

If you find yourself saying angela perez then you have reached eureka.

If not, then please go back to the top and read again.


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