Words on a Wire

Our editor Emma Trelles is interviewed on Words on a Wire.
Listen: http://ktep.org/post/words-wire-emma-trelles

Daniel talks with Emma Trelles, whose 2011 poetry collection Tropicalia won the Andres Montoya Poetry Prize.  She talks about the Brazilian movement that influenced the title of the book, and how her journalistic background was influenced by her poetic leanings.  http://emmatrelles.com/

Emma Trelles reads one of her brand new poems for our Poem of the Week: “Hoodwinked.”

And on today’s Poetic License, Seattle poet Raul Sanchez shares how his works came to be published, and reads his poem “All Our Brown-Skinned Angels,” which has been adopted by some Chicano activists in civil protests.

Plus…Daniel shares a few anecdotes about mis-translations: “pie” is either a delicious fruity pastry, or it’s the Spanish word for “foot.”  And…we’ll also hear about interesting Spanish-to-English and Chinese-to-English translations.

Aired Oct. 26, 2014.


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